Thinking of Replacing Your Garages Flat Roof?

DIY Roof Building Tips for Flat Roofs

A poorly constructed flat roof is often riddled with issues. Unlike a pitched roof which can easily shed water and snow, a flat roof will retain pools of water and snow, which often leads to leaks which will damage the interior of a building. To construct a DIY flat roof that is capable of enduring tough winters, and scorching summers, professional roofers can provide basic tips for your roof building project. These tips can include framing the roof so it has a slight pitch, covering the roof with a plywood deck, taking advantage of new technology with regards to roofing materials, securing the flashing, and ensuring the roof is well maintained.

The best DIY flat roof is, actually not totally flat. Every flat roof will have some pitch. Small flat roofs tilt to one side, while larger roofs slope to the center of the roof, after which the water flows to a large central drain. The most basic DIY design will have an inclined flat roof, which can include a garage or a house addition. The roofs slope needs to measure at least 0.011″ to 0.023″. In order to create the slope, the homeowner will be able to cut small pieces of lumber that will be secured below the horizontal rafters.

Before installing any EPDM sheets, the roof must be thoroughly cleaned, as this will remove any twigs, stones or other debris which could puncture the EPDM sheeting. Once this is done, the homeowner needs to pre-measure and cut the EPDM sheets in order for them to fit, providing a minimum of a 5.9″ overlap on all the seams. The material will then be glued down according to manufacturers instructions. Projections like skylights and chimneys must be flashed in order to prevent the seams leaking.

Constructing a DIY flat roof can be a hard DIY project. The flat roof has to be perfectly framed in order to direct the water flow away from the center of the building and to avoid any leaks. Seams have to be properly sealed, as all projections will need to be sealed carefully. For all your roof building needs, please contact Stuart M Ledis LLC Building and Roofing in Jupiter, FL now at (561) 718-7162.