Not Sure What Kind of Shingle to Choose?

What Makes Quality Roofing Shingles?

Quality roofing shingles can be either flat or curved, which will interlock or overlap in such a way that will carry water off a sloped roof. They are made from various different materials which can be different weights, prices, color, durability, and architectural styles. When installing a roof using tiles, the roofer or builder will have to consider their overall budget, climate, the pitch, and how they want the end result to look like.

Using shingles is generally reserved on roofs that have a pitch. However, there are other materials, like flashing or PVC sheets that are more suitable for flat or shallow pitched roofs. Many problems that arise with new roofs are usually down to poor installation. Homeowners need to make sure they only use experienced professionals that will also help them choose the best roofing material for their current roof.

Most materials are suitable as weatherproofing, ceramic or clay tiles are elongated S-shaped and are commonly seen on Spanish-style houses. Slate is available in various color and has a lifespan of around 100 years. However, both ceramic and slate are extremely expensive and will need extra roofing support to hold their weight. Lighter alternatives, like asphalt, can ape the color and fire-retardant qualities of the 2 aforementioned materials.

Standard asphalt shingles, which are also known as composite or fiberglass, are created by infusing paper or fiberglass with asphalt. One side will then be sprayed with more granules of. These are a good choice as they are cheaper and have a lifespan of around 20 years. A more creative alternative will be wood shake or copper squares. Wood is an excellent choice for log cabins. And metal tiles will make a bold design statement, as they will shine in direct sunlight. These are more expensive, but will better complement a designer house.

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